Thursday, January 01, 2004

Karyn Huntting Peters

Karyn Huntting Peters founded Crumbs of the Mind in 1999. It was originally part of her HighIQWorld site, one of the Internet's first and most popular sites related to intelligence, high-IQ societies, and the high-IQ community.

Karyn joined Mensa as a teenager, and joined several other higher-IQ societies in the 1990s. One of these was the Prometheus Society, a 99.997th-percentile society, where she has been Internet Officer since 2001. In 1994, years prior to the age of the "Internet high-IQ societies," she founded the IQuadrivium Society, a 99.9th-percentile society, becoming the world's youngest founder of a high-IQ society and the only female to have founded an international high-IQ society. In the same year, she founded HighIQWorld, the first organization to bridge the often bitter gaps between the world's myriad high-IQ societies and groups in an effort to bring intelligent people the world over together for their mutual benefit as well as the benefit of society as a whole. Karyn is also the founder and moderator of over four dozen high-IQ discussion groups, among them HighIQSingles (the world's largest high-IQ singles group), MensaSingles, MensaChat, and HighIQWomen.

Karyn has authored two books, Heart of Prometheus Unbound and What No Angel Knows, neither of which are available to the public at this time. She is currently working on six additional books--a comprehensive guide to cancer and chemotherapy, a book of quotations on intelligence and the mind, a guide to German parables, a "thinker's guide" to Descarte's Discourse on Reason, a book of poetry, and a love story--four of which will be published and available to the public.

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